ATG Developer Series: Intro to ATG  Sunday, November 1st

Denton Tech Mill series by Ericca Cordier teaches about Oracle ATG Web Commerce which enables you to deliver a personalized online buying experience for each customer by presenting relevant content and merchandising, personalized search, customized marketing programs, and tailored websites. Oracle ATG Commerce is an Enterprise Level package that utilizes at it’s core Java, J2EE, JBoss, Java Server Pages, Servlets, Droplets, Adobe Flex and even a frontend stack of HTML, CSS and Javascripting. It is very complex and spans numerous modules and Oracle Tools such as Endeca, Oracle Workbench, Oracle Developers Studio, and User Experience.

NET Unboxed coming to Dallas on Oct 25th – Oct 27th

is a new conference coming to Dallas for passionate .NET developers. We’re creating a place to gather, meet each other, and learn about open source .NET projects and ways to contribute. Almost 30 speakers will be presenting on topics ranging from Roslyn and CoreCLR to NancyFX, Akka.NET, OmniSharp, and much more!

One Month Education Scholarships for Women

One Month has courses on Ruby On Rails, HTML & CSS, Stripe Payments, Growth Hacking,  iOS, Web Security,  PFNP,  Javascript,  UX, Python,  MVP and MBA. Each month they pick up to 10 finalists and give them access to any One Month class of their choice for free, as well as mentorship and support in order to encourage learning and to help overcome anything that comes up along the way.

A community of developers helping each other master software craftsmanship.

Mentor the next generation of developers

Or learn from the best and master your craft

Visual Studio Community

A full-Featured IDE – Free. Start coding the app of your dreams for Windows, Android, and iOS.


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