Installing and running Io programming language on Windows

In hopes of helping some other newbies get up and running with Io language, here are the instructions for how I got started on a Windows 8 machine

Go to:

In binaries section click on windows


This will cause to be put in your download folder.


From you downloads folder, right click on and select “Extract all” option.

Specify the folder you want to extract to by clicking on the “Browse” button.

Go to the directory you want to extract to,  click Make New Folder, name it Io, and click “Ok”.

This will put you back to the Select a Destination screen, so click on the “Extract” button

This should open the folder, if not go to the folder the files were extracted to,In the Io Folder:

Double  click on IoLanguage-2013.11.05-win32.exe

A pop up window will ask where you to extract to, I extracted to the same folder.

This created a folder named IoLanguage

Move the copy of libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll from the extracted folder into the IoLanguage\bin folder



To run the Io:

Open up a command prompt and go to the IoLanguage\bin directory

Enter:  Io.exe

You should then see:

Io> prompt

Start Playing!


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